God’s plan, your hands diakonia will help you... © the diakonia™ program 2011 discern your God given talents and spiritual gifts Discover how God has wired you in a very special way and given you all of the necessary gifts and talents needed to fulfill his will for your life. Discerning your God given talents and spiritual gifts will provide a valuable insight to where He is calling you to work. listen for and act on the Holy Spirits promptings Prayer, worship and study of God”s word opens our hearts and minds to the promptings of Holy Spirit who will guide us in all righteousness. You’ll learn, how to “be still” and listen, to discern what is truly of God and be empowered to action. find where God is working so you can join in God is at work all around us and we need only find where he is at work and join in by contributing our time, treasure, and talents. diakonia will help you discern what God’s will is for your life and how your can best use the tools he has provided you.  identify a genuine call to ministry Too often we direct our life based on what we think we would like to do, or what is appealing to us at that moment. This often leads us into what seems like dead-end jobs and unfulfilling work. You’ll discover that we are all consecrated priest through baptism and how your vocation provides you a rich mission field in which to passionately work for the greater glory of God.