© the diakonia™ program 2011 Gallery Page 1 of 2 Graduation Reception 2007 NISYNOD Grads 2007 NISYNOD Grads Blessing of 2008 graduate FL- Bahamas diakonia class Metro Chicago & Northern Illinois 2005 diakonia retreat 2008 graduate receives a blessing Founder  of diakonia Rev. Stephen P. Bouman 2008 Florida - Bahamas 2007 Metro New York Graduates 2008 graduate receives a blessing "The diakonia program is being received enthusiastically by lay persons across the territory of our synod! It was a great privilege and honor to preside at the first graduation service for our diakonia program with thirty-six folks gathered across the front of the sanctuary. We began with four teaching sites across the synod and are now expanding to five sites with hopes also of beginning a diakonia site in Miami that will be taught completely in Spanish.  It is a joy to witness the spiritual awakening and the deepening of faith journeys among our laity."  Bishop Benoway  Florida/Bahamas synod