Equipping you for Christian service diakonia will teach you how to... © the diakonia™ program 2011 provide distinctively Christian Caregiving Have you ever avoided someone seriously ill or not visited them in the hospital or a nursing home, because you just don’t know what to say or do? You’ ll learn the principles and develop the skills necessary to equip you to care for others in a distinctively Christian way. confidently share your faith with others Have you ever wanted to share your faith with a coworker who is experiencing a difficult time in their lives, but not known how too? You’ll learn how to confidently share your faith at the right time, in the right way and for the right reasons. use biblical principals to guide your life Does a worldly agenda have you running on a treadmill and squeezing the life out of you and your family? You’ll discover how to use biblical principles to point you towards what is truly important in living a Christian life of shared faith and how your living witness can impact those around you while building up the the kingdom. boldly serve your family, congregation and surrounding community Are you hesitant to take the rains spiritually within your family or get more involved serving within your congregation and surrounding community because you feel poorly equipped for the task? diakonia will change your life by equipping you with the necessary knowledge and understanding to embolden your faith and empower you to fearlessly serve others to the glory of God. So come and get fired-up for Christ.