Deepening your faith life diakonia provides an opportunity to... gain an historical perspective You’ll have an opportunity to study the Bible in an historical context in which to place the stories and characters. You’ll travel through history to discover how the early church was founded and the Canon of the Bible, creeds, and sacraments were deve- loped. You’ll meet Martin Luther as he anguished over the 95 thesis and study the development of Lutheranism in America. develop a broader theological perspective You’ll explore the central doctrines of the Christian faith in a way that is a) faithful to scripture and tradition and b) relevant to the context and our culture. Through reading assign- ments, lectures and class discussions you’ll focus on the the Trinity; the doctrine of God, the person and work of Christ, the Holy Spirit and the church as it relates to how to live a fruitful Christian life.  strengthen your Biblical foundation You’ll fortify your know- ledge and understanding of the Old & New Testa- ments by delving into the culture and history of the ancient Israelites. You’ll discover how their relation- ship with God developed and who chronicled the events and stories we find in the Jewish Torah and the Bible. You’ll learn what Lutherans mean when they say the Bible is, “The inspired Word of God.”  enhance your worship and prayer life Your  worship and prayer life will take on new mean- ing as you’ll learn: why  corporate worship must include gathering, word, meal and sending, how  to give thanks for the gifts of life and the Gospel of Jesus Christ,  how hearing the Word and sharing the meal  transforms our lives to become the body of Christ and the power of prayer as we are sent to share the good news.   © the diakonia™ program 2011